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Our Philosophy



In relation to the children: 
We believe that all children are individuals and that this uniqueness should be celebrated. Children are capable beings and will begin to learn about themselves, those around them and their environment from the moment they are born and this learning should be nurtured to create a lifelong journey. We believe that children should be free to experience childhood in a gentle, trusting, supportive environment that reflects on nature, their local environment and the wider world. We will achieve this by observing children in their daily interactions and providing support, encouragement and opportunities that will encourage learning through exploration and play. Therefore we will implement a child-centered program based upon the principles outlined in the NSW curriculum framework and the national Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) - 'Belonging, Being & Becoming'.

In relation to families:
We believe that families play a vital role in the development of their children. Families can provide information about their child that is current, relevant, ongoing and essential to our programming. It is our goal to foster a partnership between parents and ourselves that will bring a relationship based on trust, the sharing of knowledge and working together with the child as the central focus, ensuring our availability for formal and informal discussions. 
In relation to the program:
We believe that the program should mirror the children's current interests and abilities; while also offering new and stimulating ideas. It should be a flexible document open to change whilst continually evolving and reflecting. Families will also be encouraged to provide information regarding their children's interests and abilities. We will achieve this by developing an environment that both interests and challenges children to make their own decisions and encourages them to explore and discover their environment in their ow unique style. Children need opportunities to practice and consolidate their skills in key learning areas including: language and literacy; creative and expressive arts; mathematics; science and social and emotional development and work towards learning outcomes as expressed in the EYLF - 'Belonging, Being & Becoming'

In relation to our roles as educator:
We believe our role as educators is to provide support, encouragement, ideas and challenges to both the child and their families. Therefore we will endeavor to implement current best practices and continue to further our development within Early Childhood and support others to do so. We will remain committed to the children in our care and continue to be an advocate for their rights as children. We will seek input from families in all policy development to ensure our centre reflects the needs of all relevant stakeholders. 

In relation to the community:
We believe that children need to develop a sense of belonging within their communities and that in turn communities need to accept children as important and interesting members of society. We will achieve this by encouraging excursions into the community, inviting members of the community to visit the centre and to introduce other cultures and celebrations to the children. 

In relation to the environment:
We believe in teaching our children about our environment so that they can connect with nature and gain greater experiences in our beautiful outdoor environment. By making these connections children will form closer connections to nature and building on their environmental awareness. By including sustainability within our daily practices, we can role model conserving energy, conserving water consumption, gain an understanding of food waste and increase our awareness of recycling. Children will then pave way for an understanding of how to create a more sustainable future for themselves and beyond.


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